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K-Zero by Barberzero™

K-Zero by Barberzero™

Try our K-Zero  Smooth for an easy cut! This electric foil shaver can be used as beard trimmer and hair clipper, especially suitable for people who often shave their heads or want to leave some stubble, convenient and easy to operate, allows you enjoy different shaving. With 4D independent floating technology, automatically adopting the contour of your face, neck and jaw, closer to your skin. An ideal gift for a mature man!

✔︎ Hair Clipper - Dual use, in addition to being used as a razor, this razor can also be used as a hair clipper for shaving heads, especially suitable for people shave or shave heads 2-3 days, and it will save you a lot of money.

✔︎ Beard Trimmer - Fully blade mesh design, capture multi-direction beard, improving the shaving efficiency, providing you comfortable shaving and maintain your own personal look every day.

✔︎ Detachable Design - The cutter head and net can be removed for easy cleaning effectively prevent bacterial growth.
✔︎ Considerate Design - Non-slip Design, one-button switch, charging indicator and USB charging port bring you advanced electric foil shaver.

✔︎ Dual Foils - With 4D independent floating technology, flexibly conforms to facial contours, easily shave difficult locations.
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